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Zirconium Nickel Powder (Zr-Ni), Zirconium Nickel Powder Manufacturers

Zirconium/Nickel Powder 30-70

Molecular Formula : ZrNi

Zirconium Nickel Powder is manufactured according to the specifications as noted below. Additionally, if you have custom requirements regarding either purity and/or granulation, we can likewise meet those standards.

Zirconium Nickel alloy 30/70 A Applications

  • Zirconium/Nickel alloy powders find application in various pyrotechnic and ordnance areas. They are used in squibs, delay mixtures and initiators.
Whats New

Custom Spec & Particle Size Requirement

In addition to our standard Mil spec materials, powders can be formulated and milled to meet your custom purity and particles size requirements.

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