Zirconium Metal Powder (Zr), Zirconium Metal Powder Manufacturers

Zirconium Metal Powder (Zr)

CAS-No. 7440-67-7, Molecular Formula : Zr

Zirconium Metal Powder is manufactured according to a wide range of specifications as noted below. Additionally, if you have custom requirements regarding either purity and/or granulation, we can likewise meet those standards.

Product ID Purity Particle Size Specification
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1.  ZR11 96% min pass through 840 microns: 99% MIL-Z-399D
2.  ZR12 96% min pass through 177 microns: 100% MIL-Z-399D
3.  ZR13 96% min pass through 88 microns: 100% MIL-Z-399D
4.  ZR21 94% min avg. 2.5 ±1 microns MIL-Z-399D
5.  ZR22 95% min avg. 2.0 ±0.3 microns MIL-Z-399D
6.  ZR23 95% min avg. 3.0 ±1 microns MIL-Z-399D
7.  Custom Requirements [Purity and/or granulation]: Please Inquire

Solution: Packed in Aqueous solution, Acetone solution, or Dry under Argon (as per customer requirement)

  • Packaging:[for material packed in Aqueous solution]– in Polypropylene bottles
  • [for material packed in Acetone solution]– in Aluminum bottles
  • [for material packed Dry under Argon]– in Double Seamed Tin cans

Zirconium Metal Powder Applications

  • In vacuum technology as a getter material; in powder metallurgy as an alloying constituent; in pyrotechnics for the manufacture of high energy igniters, fuses and thermal batteries
  • Zirconium powders find application in various pyrotechnic areas
  • They are a source of heat for squibs and ignition devices for a variety of uses including automotive airbag inflators.
  • For the production of highly reactive and quick fuze compositions in pyrotechnics for use in ammunition, explosives, airbags and safety belt pretensioners
  • They are also used in manufacture of flash cubes, electronic tubes, as well as as alloying agent with other metals.
  • For the manufacture of highly effective getters, usually activated by dehydration; as a zirconium component in powder metallurgy; for flares and tracers in pyrotechnics.

Whats New

Custom Spec & Particle Size Requirement

In addition to our standard Mil spec materials, powders can be formulated and milled to meet your custom purity and particles size requirements.