Zirconium Hydride (ZrH2), Zirconium Hydride Manufacturers

Zirconium Hydride (ZrH2)

CAS-No. 7704-99-6 Molecular Formula : ZrH2

Zirconium Hydride is manufactured according to the specifications noted below. Additionally, if you have custom requirements regarding granulation, we can likewise meet those standards.

Product ID Purity Hydrogen Particle diameter Specification Download PDF
1. ZRH 95.5% min 1.85 – 2.10% avg. 10 microns MIL-Z-21353
2. Custom Requirements [Granulation]: Please Inquire
  • Packaging:in Double seamed Tin cans

Zirconium Hydride Applications

  • In vacuum technology as a getter material; in powder metallurgy as an alloying constituent; in pyrotechnics for the manufacture of high energy igniters, fuses and thermal batteries
  • Mixed with oxidizing agents a constituent in compositions for flares, fuzes and combustion charges in pyrotechnics; as a binding or brazing component for grinding agents, carbides, ceramics and metal in abrasive wheels and polishing disks.
  • Applicable as hydrogen source for the foaming of metals.
Whats New

Custom Spec & Particle Size Requirement

In addition to our standard Mil spec materials, powders can be formulated and milled to meet your custom purity and particles size requirements.